Animal Hospital of Warwick

2370 York Road, Commonwydds A-1
Jamison, PA 18929


Susan, Office Manager

Susan met Dr Keon and began working at the Animal Hospital of Warwick in 1995, as a veterinary nurse.

Presently, she manages the day to day operations here at the hospital. Prior to joining Dr. Keon she 

spent several years working in the mental health field of nursing as an RN in the hospital and

also community setting. Through the years she has met some wonderful humans and their very

special animals and feels privileged to be a part of their lives. When not working, Susan enjoys going

to onsite auctions, traveling(especially to the Maine coast) and spinning.

Susan lives in Doylestown with her husband, son and two kitties, Hubby and Curtis.  

Jennifer, CVT

Jennifer is a graduate of Harcum College, obtaining a degree in Veterinary Technology in 1988.

She joined our team here at Animal Hospital of Warwick in March 2014. Jennifer has been working

with animals for the past 30 years, most recently with primates. She enjoys spending time with her

children, camping, gardening, music and waterfall hiking. 

Jennifer presently has two goldfish named Arya and Jaquen and three kitties named Moon, Holland and


Laurie, Veterinary Assistant

Laurie started working in small animal medicine several years ago as a receptionist. She

continued to develop in the field and learned each aspect from being a veterinary nurse

to even an owner for a few years. While working she returned to school to pursue an 

opportunity to sit for the national certification examination to become a certified


Laurie has two children who are grown and on their own. She and her husband have 

graciously been granted residency with three cats, Annabelle, Gypsy and Raven; a

dachshund, Pebbles, Irish Setters, Lincoln and Ireland and a Thoroughbred mare,

Harley and her T-bred/Percheron cross mare, Java. She and her husband spend

most of their "free" time renovating their small farm in Bedminster Township, but 

also manage to set some time aside to travel, read, and ride and train the horses.

Michelle , Receptionist

Michelle brings a passion for care and a committment to excellence at Animal

Hospital of Warwick. Born and raised in Central New Jersey, Michelle's first passion

was dance; she taught extensively in New York City.

Later, she and her husband ran one of the area's leading event planning services.

After moving to Bucks County, Michelle concentrated on raising a family which

at the present time also includes, two rescue dogs, Lacy and Taylor and a

chinchilla named Winston. During this time, Michelle also launched a new 

career in health care(working with animals and people). In her time off

Michelle enjoys equestrian events, physical fitness and spending time

with her husband and two young adult children.

Dana, Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Dana began working at Animal Hospital of Warwick in May 2013.

Dana has been working with animals in the veterinary field for the past

several years and wouldn't trade it for anything. She has an American

Bulldog named, Kaine (not pictured). In addition to Kaine she has a cat

named X. She loves working with animals and looks forward to 

meeting your pets!!

Mary Rose, Receptionist

Mary Rose is a graduate of Arcadia University class of 2013. She

enjoys working in and learning about the animal care field, having

worked in a grooming salon and boarding kennel. She lives with

her husband and their pets: a lazy senior cat named Basil, a shy

laboratory retiree beagle named, Earl, and the "little guys": Chichi

the guinea pig, Possum  the rat, and LaBeouf the gerbil. 

When she is not caring for animals, Mary Rose enjoys hiking with 

Earl, spending (too much) time on Pinterest, cooking and reading.

Joyce, Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Joyce has worked many years in the veterinary field. She worked at Animal

Hospital of Warwick for 10 years, leaving in 2006 after moving to the city.

For the past several years, Joyce has worked in a cat only clinic and has

been fostering rescue dogs.

When not at work she enjoys swimming, cooking and going to the park with her dogs.

Julia, Veterinary Assistant

Julia is originally from Florida, has lived in Alaska and moved to

Pennsylvania in 2011 after meeting her husband. She has been

working as a veterinary assistant for over 8 years in various

settings, including non-profit and emergency. She has also

been actively involved with animal rescue for the past decade

and finds it very therapeutic. Julia lives with her husband and

son in addition to fosters and her permanent pet residents, Ruby

a Doberman, Cody a dachshund and Memow a tortoiseshell 

cat with chronic sniffles. Outside of work she spends her time

pet sitting, going on adventures with her son and fixing up

her 103 year old home.


Emma, Veterinary Assistant

Emma is a senior at Delaware Valley University studying Large Animal Science. She is involved in

the DVU Block and Bridle livestock club and serves as treasurer of the DVU

Dairy Society. Her ultimate goal is to go to Vet School but she is not quite sure yet.

She is originally from Lancaster County, where her family still resides.

Shalini, Veterinary Assistant

Shalini began working at AHOW to learn about the small animal

veterinary world in the summer of 2013 while a junior at

Delaware Valley University. After graduating with a BS in Biology 

she continued her education at a wildlife rehabilitation center

in Indiana. After that she went to South Africa to continue

her educational experiences in exotic wildlife medicine and

management. In the fall she will be joining the DVM class of 2021

at the Atlantic Veterinary College at University of Prince Edward Island.

Denis, Veterinary Assistant

Denis started volunteering with us in the early spring of 2017.

He has now started training as a veterinary assistant

He is a student at Delaware Valley University studying small animal science.

Denis has a passion for taking care of animals, being raised around them his whole life.

He hopes to one day becoming a veterinarian and have his own animal clinic.